Delay OTA Guide written by Flower

You can update using DelayOTA to versions for up to 90 days after a new version is released.

Opening notes

You will need to wipe your device when you supervise your device if you're unjailbroken, so I suggest you take a backup while unsupervised. Either using iCloud or using iMazing/Apple configurator 2) DON'T BACKUP IF YOU'RE JAILBROKEN!

Your device has a chance to enter a recovery loop if you use this method, if you somehow do you'll have to update to what's signed/or use blobs.

Color coded arrows

= After Pink

= Before Red

= Optional

For Jailbroken devices: (Easiest)

1. Install supervised enabler in your package manager by adding this repo, and then searching "supervised enabler" in the search area.

2. Once done install the profile you want to go to here (It will show the current available versions right away).

3. Go to settings and search for the profile, either press on Profile Downloaded on the main page or go to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management.

4. Press on install when you press on the profile.

5. Next, Restore RootFS before upgrading, to ensure nothing messes up when you update. (This wont erase any personal data i.e photos & messages).

6. Once done it will reboot your phone and your jailbreak will be removed, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and see if the version you chose is there. (If it doesnt show up reboot your phone or do all the steps all over again)

7. Press Download and Install and you should see the progress bar move.

You're Done!

If you're done it correctly your phone should update like any other OTA update.

For Non-Jailbroken devices: (Hardest)

You're Done!

If you done it correctly your phone should update like any other OTA update.

Closing notes:

If you wish to restore from a backup from iMazing/Apple Configurator 2 after updating use DelayOTA follow below (Note that restoring from a backup will remove your supervision).

You're Done!

If you wish to Erase and Un-Supervise after updating your device follow the steps below (Doing this will UnSupervise the device and Erase it).

You're Done!

If you done it correctly should either have restored from a backup or has been erased entirely.

Still need help?

If you still need assistance join the r/Jailbreak or Sileo Discord server.