Odysseyn1x Guide written by stkc

Odysseyn1x is a miniature Linux distribution that allows users to easily jailbreak their devices with checkra1n. Developed by raspberryenvoie.

Download the required files


Create the bootable USB

Open Rufus and connect your USB flash drive to your computer.

You should see this screen. Drag the Odysseyn1x .ISO file you downloaded earlier onto the Rufus window.

Make sure Odysseyn1x shows up under Boot selection then click Start.

When Rufus asks which mode to use, select DD Image mode.

Confirm you are okay with deleting all data on the USB flash drive by clicking OK.

Preparing to boot Odysseyn1x

Entering the BIOS is different on every computer. Try pressing the function keys (F1, F2, etc.) or ESC, DEL or Enter immediately after powering on your computer.

Once you are in the BIOS you will need to do two things: disable Secure Boot and set your USB flash drive as the boot priority.

If you aren't sure how to do this search your PC model on Google for instructions.

Booting Odysseyn1x

If your boot order is setup correctly you will load into a menu with various options, select checkra1n.

Use the arrow keys and enter key to navigate. Click Start and follow on the on-screen instructions to enter DFU mode and jailbreak your device.

If you see an "iOS version unsupported" or "device unsupported" error you may need to enable "Allow untested iOS versions" or "Skip A11 BPR check".

Do not install Cydia yet. Continue reading.

Installing Odysseyra1n

After jailbreaking, select Quit in checkra1n then select the Odysseyra1n option in the menu.

Press the enter key and wait a couple of seconds. Sileo should appear on your homescreen. If you get an error you can try running the Procursus Bootstrapper shortcut on your device instead.

You're done!

If you wish to install Cydia search "Cydia Installer" in Sileo. Do not install it from the checkra1n loader, doing so will break the jailbreak.

When you are ready to go back into Windows simply reboot your PC and unplug your USB flash drive.

To update checkra1n simply download a new Odysseyn1x ISO and run Rufus again.

Still need help?

If you still need assistance join the r/Jailbreak or Sileo Discord server.