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Odysseyn1x is a miniature Linux distribution that allows users to easily jailbreak their devices with checkra1n. Maintained by raspberryenvoie.

Opening Notes

We will be using Ventoy rather than Rufus or Etcher since not only is it easier, you can continue you use your USB drive to store files while still being able to boot Odysseyn1x.

If you have a Ryzen processor it’s very likely the jailbreak will fail repeatedly, use an Intel machine if possible.



  • Download amd64 if you are on a 64-bit computer, otherwise use i686.
  • If you are using a device with an A9X processor, use asdfugil’s fork of Odysseyn1x.


USB-A to Lightning Cable

  • Most USB-C to Lightning cables fail to successfully put the device in DFU mode. If you cannot enter DFU mode and do not have any USB-A ports, use a USB-C to USB-A adapter.

Installing Ventoy

Extracted in Explorer

After downloading and extracting the Ventoy .zip file, connect your USB flash drive then open the Ventoy2Disk.exe program.

Now is the time to copy any important files to another drive. You can copy them back after the installation.

Ventoy Window

Select your USB flash drive at the top then press Install. You will be prompted twice to confirm that you are okay with deleting all data on the drive. (You backed up your files, right?)

If successful, the version number for Ventoy In Package should match Ventoy In Device.

Now open File Explorer and select the new Ventoy USB device.

Ventoy in File Explorer

Copy the Odysseyn1x .iso file to the drive.


The .iso file does not have to be in the root of the directory, to keep things organized you can create a new folder and copy it there.

You can move your old files back on to the USB flash drive now if necessary.

Preparing to Boot Odysseyn1x

Before we can boot directly into Odysseyn1x we will need to do two things: disable Secure Boot and change the boot order.

Entering the BIOS is different on every computer. Refer to this list to find the correct key to press. If you don’t see your computer try pressing the function keys (F1, F2, etc.) or ESC, DEL or Enter immediately after powering on your computer.

After entering the BIOS look for Secure Boot and set it to Disabled. It is usually located in the Security or Boot tab.

If you cannot change this option you may need to set a BIOS or “Administrator” password. Make sure you don’t forget this otherwise you can get permanently locked out of the BIOS.

Now look for Boot Option or Boot Order. Move your USB flash drive to the top of the list or set it as the first option. Usually it will show the drive’s model or brand name however it may only show as USB Hard Disk.

Make sure you save and exit.

Booting Odysseyn1x

If you set your boot order correctly you will be loaded into the Ventoy boot menu. Otherwise, press the boot menu key immediately after powering on your computer and select the USB flash drive.

Ventoy boot menu

Press Enter and you will be loaded into the Odysseyn1x menu.

Odysseyn1x menu


Now for the fun part, select Checkra1n and follow the instructions on screen.

  • If you see “Sorry, [device] is not supported on [iOS version] at this point.” select Options and enable Allow untested iOS/iPadOS/tvOS versions.
  • If you still cannot continue, and you are using an A11 device, disable your passcode and enable Skip A11 BPR check.


On some devices, your computer may freeze before you can start the jailbreak process. You will need to force restart your computer, select Shell in the Odysseyn1x menu, and run checkra1n -c instead. You will not be guided through the process to enter DFU mode, refer to this tutorial if necessary.

If successful, your device will boot and the checkra1n app will appear on your homescreen. Do not open it!

Installing Odysseyra1n

We will be installing Odysseyra1n as it comes with up-to-date core utilities, an actively maintained package manager, and a more efficient tweak injection library.

Select Quit in checkra1n, then on the Odysseyn1x menu select Odysseyra1n.

With your device still connected, press enter and then follow the on-screen prompts.

  • If you see “Failed to install Procursus bootstrap and Sileo on your device.” you may not have successfully jailbroken, repeat the jailbreaking steps. If you continue to get errors, you can try running this shortcut directly on your device.

Sileo will appear on your homescreen. This is the modern alternative to Cydia with support for the same tweaks and repos.

Open Sileo then navigate to the Packages tab and select Upgrade All if available. Afterwards, switch to the Search tab and get the “libhooker” package by CoolStar. Tap the queue at the bottom, then select Confirm. When prompted, select Restart SpringBoard.


If you wish to use Cydia you can search for Cydia Installer within Sileo and optionally uninstall Sileo afterwards. Installing it from the checkra1n app will ruin your jailbreak!

You’re done!

Select Shut down within Odysseyn1x then unplug your USB flash drive. You can now boot your computer back into Windows.

When your phone’s battery dies or if you reboot you will need to rerun the jailbreak, this is because checkra1n is semi-tethered. Simply select Checkra1n in the Odysseyn1x menu and repeat the steps you followed earlier. You do not need to run Odysseyra1n again, this is a one-time install script.

Still need help?

Join the r/Jailbreak or Sileo Discord servers.