Sideloadly Guide written by stkc

Sideloadly is an application that allows users to easily sideload apps on their iOS or iPadOS devices.

Opening notes

If you are jailbreaking your device you may be able to skip the Sideloadly steps by downloading directly from on your device.

This method is not always available as the apps are often "revoked," meaning they will fail to install. If you use this method continue to ReProvision Reborn.

Download the required files


Preparing to sideload

Open Sideloadly then connect your device to your computer.

You should see this screen. Drag the .IPA file for the app you downloaded onto the Sideloadly window.

Make sure your app shows under the file selector.

Enter your Apple ID email and press Start.

Enter your Apple ID password and click OK.

If prompted, enter your verficiation code and click OK.

Trusting the app

The app you've sideloaded should appear on your homescreen or in the App Library but it won't open, this is normal.

Open Settings, go to General then select Device Management.

A profile with your email address and full name should be listed, click Trust.

Your app is now installed and signed!


Without a developer account your apps expire after 7 days and must be "resigned."

If you are not jailbreaking your device: You are done. After 7 days simply repeat these steps.

If you are jailbreaking: Continue reading.

ReProvision Reborn

After jailbreaking, open Sileo and search for "ReProvision Reborn" (or click here) and install it.

Open ReProvision Reborn and sign into your Apple ID again. You should not be prompted to enter a verification code.

Click Sign above the app you installed.

Once finished your app will be resigned automatically before it expires when in a jailbroken state.

You're done!

Still need help?

If you still need assistance join the r/Jailbreak or Sileo Discord server.